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Catering for a Party? Talk to The Farmhouse Co.

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We all know the feeling: you turn up at a party and enjoy the company and the atmosphere, but the standard, ordinary and often poor quality food lets it down. It’s easy to stick to the usual fare, but what if there was somewhere you could find better quality, original and more interesting food for your party guests? There is: we are The Farmhouse Co. and we have a fantastic range of snack platters that will have your guests talking about your food for a long time and we also offer catering in Pretoria.

What do we offer? We take pride in being that little bit different, and we give you a vast range of options to choose from. Our platters can include everything from a selection of meats to fresh fruit, we offer a neat early morning platter, and we also deal in mixed pastry and meat platters, fresh and toasted sandwiches and a range of sweets. Based in Pretoria, we are famous for our traditional biltong – the best in the city without a doubt – so it’s only natural we invite you to consider our biltong platter among your choices!

We offer a wide variety of food of all kinds at what we believe to be excellent prices – especially considering our commitment to top quality products – and we prepare all platters to order so you know you are getting fresh produce every time. We can also help with a range of condiments and other products from our deli range, so you can get everything you need at The Farmhouse Co. with friendly and professional service. You can order online at our safe and secure shop, or why not drop in next time you’re in Pretoria, and enjoy a meal and a coffee in our friendly and relaxed coffee shop? We’d love to meet you!

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