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Bookmark The Farmhouse Co online for awesome snack platters, gift hampers, flowers & biltong!

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There are a lot of people who don’t have the time to go shopping around for the best contents to add to a gift hamper or to find a hamper that has a wow factor, and the same applies for the busiest of us when it comes to organising snack platters for any occasion; which is why The Farmhouse Co has become the go-to team that will put the best of everything together for you the easiest way possible – online!

Before we get into any of that, if you are looking for the best biltong in Pretoria, The Farmhouse Co are biltong specialists deluxe!  In fact, The Farmhouse Co started out as the favourite hangout for biltong lovers in Pretoria in 2006, before the team extended their horizons and applied their talent to conjuring up divine snacks, gift hampers and deli products in 2012!

The dried meat range and biltong, beautifully made the traditional way by the team at The Farmhouse Co, will definitely have something to suit all tastes, sliced exactly as you command – it’s a pretty long list well worth inspecting!

You really do have to offer exceptional to be as well-loved by loyal customers as The Farmhouse Co is, and their hard work has paid off with an amazing customer base that just keeps growing; when you lay out only the best, using the freshest ingredients, success has to follow, you need only try their biltong or one of their daring snack platters once to join a long list of happy followers of The Farmhouse Co!

With all the experience this team has had, and the passion they put into all that they produce, the creative, very upmarket snack platters dreamed up by The Farmhouse Co family are so versatile and yummy that they put every average, ordinary snack platter to shame.

The Farmhouse Co snack platters add a touch of style to any occasion that calls for a snack platter, whether it is a corporate function, a breakfast gathering, lunch time break during a seminar or evening cocktail party, and you can bet anything you like that there will not be the tiniest crumb left on any platter – it’s a good idea to order a little more than you think you may need, none of it will go to waste!

So, to add more class and finger-licking good stuff into the mix of treasures available from The Farmhouse Co online (you can collect or they’ll deliver!), there is an awesome range of really different goodies you can pick to put a personal stamp on any original gift hamper you’d like to send out, these are nothing like the boring ole hampers you can grab at a local supermarket or deli!

Extraordinary would be a better description for these gift hampers, with a list as long as your arm to choose from, covering everything from biltong (of course!) to nuts, fruits and sweeties, freshly made sauces from the deli and a bottle of vino or Vodka thrown into the mix – hard to beat, and, you get to choose whether you would like to do your own personal packaging or let The Farmhouse Co put it together for you in any of a variety of wooden boxes.

If you need flowers to go with snack platters heading for your function, guess who can put together any combination of flowers you choose to grace the table?  Nothing about The Farmhouse Co is mass produced, this is real home-grown, down to earth freshness, from the ingredients that go into the snack platters to the flowers you add to a bouquet or bunch; go as wild as you like, The Farmhouse Co is always up for the challenge!

There is a whole lot more this experienced team has to offer in terms of assistance with functions and catering in Pretoria as well; it’s obvious that The Farmhouse Co has found a niche market that pulls everything delicious and stylish together to satisfy the palate, the heart and the eye!

Make sure that you bookmark The Farmhouse Co on your browser so that you never have to scratch around for their link, not that it’s too hard to find anyway, it’ll just make it so much easier the next time you need any of the fab goodies available from this friendly, passionate team who love what they do!


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