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Extraordinary hampers from The Farmhouse Co turn gift giving into an art

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There are many reasons that hampers make the perfect gift, whether they’re a thank you to an executive client, a staff member or simply to brighten the day of someone special.

If you’d like to give a valued client a promotional gift that beats the usual pen hands-down, you can’t do better than with a gift hamper that is out of the ordinary.

No gift is as valued as one that has been selected and put together with care, taking into account the personal taste of those on the receiving end of a memorable gift hamper.

Gift hampers, or gift baskets have been around since the 11th century, which is an innovation that began in France and soon moved to England.

With an illustrious history that dates back 1000 years, gift hampers were generally associated with Christmas, where today there are many more special occasions that definitely call for stunning gift baskets or hampers.

There’s no longer any reason at all to wait until December to start getting gift hampers out to friends, family, clients or staff.

Send one out as a birthday gift, to welcome a new born baby, a Valentine’s Day gift or any other reason you can think of to make the day for someone special.

If you’re stumped for ideas when it comes to the contents of a gift hamper you’d like to put together, no one could have made it easier to do so than The Farmhouse Co.

1000 years ago it was the birth of railroads made it easier for people to send gift hampers, however, they still needed to do the physical legwork to fill these gift baskets.

Today there’s no legwork involved, it’s a simple matter of heading on over to The Farmhouse Co website and ordering your unique gift hamper online!

Whether you’d like to collect the hamper or have it delivered, there’s no arguing that The Farmhouse Co has an innovative approach towards gift giving.

If you’re putting a hamper together to give to a valued customer, you may have to sweet-talk a personal assistant or secretary into giving you an idea of what would constitute the perfect gift hamper for her boss.

This is an effort well worth making in an age where corporate gifts run to the standard pen or tech gift as a solution. If you do still want to add a branded corporate gift to the delicious goodies in the hamper, you can’t go wrong.

If you’re ordering the gift hamper from The Farmhouse Co, they’ll present it to you in your choice of wooden box or basket. Naturally you’re also welcome to use packaging of your own.

Here are a few ideas that will turn your gift hamper into a work of art with the contents you’ve chosen:

For the sweet tooth

Start off with chocolate of course! Add a few Jelly sweeties, sugary fruit cubes, juicy fresh fruit or anything special you can think of to tickle a sweet tooth.

For the lover of salty snacks

Nuts of all kinds of course, salty cashews and mixed nuts included. Add pretzels and the best biltong in Pretoria, which includes Kudu biltong, BBQ sticks and chilli sticks, to name but a few goodies for the perfect salty mix.

These are just two suggestions to suit two different tastes, but if there’s something more you’d like to add to your choice of contents, The Farmhouse Co team will make it happen.

Add flowers

If you’d like to add lovely flowers to your gift, why not order them online?  The Farmhouse Co adds talent and imagination to everything they do, which is no less true of the flowers they’ll arrange for you to perfection.

On a final note, if you think that unique gift hampers and flowers are all the team at The Farmhouse Co can produce, you’d be very wrong!

Out of a passion for fresh, beautifully presented food, The Farmhouse Co has earned an awesome reputation as one of the best catering teams in Pretoria.

Added into this foodie mix are upmarket snack platters that are way beyond any you’ve ever seen or tasted!

For fare, flowers and gift hampers extraordinaire, please contact the friendly team at The Farmhouse Co today, they’d love to show you what excellence really means.

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