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How To Choose The Right Snack Platter

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Planning events or family functions can be so much fun. When it comes to choosing the snacks for the evening, you should consider getting snack platters and finger foods. By doing this, your guests may nibble throughout the duration of the function and enjoy themselves.

The more challenging side to this is catering to everyone’s dietary requirements. To help you overcome this, we’ve put together a some tips and tricks to help you choose the right snacks for your platter.

Choosing The Right Snack Platters For The Right Events

When choosing your platters, you’ll want to ensure you are choosing the most appropriate type of food in relation to the time of the event. If you are hosting an event in the morning or mid morning, a decadent sweet platter might not be sufficient. You might want to choose of the following:

The early morning platter - this platter consists of croissants with smoked salmon or trout as well as mozzarella cheese and egg. There are also English scones with strawberry jam and cheese. You can also choose to get toasted sandwiches and some fresh fruit kebabs. There are also cocktail lamb sausages, sun dried tomato and cheese kebabs

A Fresh fruit platter -  This platter has various seasonal fruits and is served with biscuits, preserves and a few condiments.

The Famous Cheese Board - The cheese board is also served with condiments, preserves and fresh crackers and biscuits. It includes various different cheeses.

A Traditional Sweet Platter - Consisting of koeksisters, hertzoggies, caramel treats, mini melktertjies. This is the perfect platter to bring out after breakfast and serve with some tea and coffee.

If you are hosting an afternoon or evening event, you’ll want to consider something that might have more substance and will be more filling for your guests. As some people eat more in the afternoon and evening than they would in the morning, providing your guests with more filling foods will work to your advantage. Here are some options for you to choose from:

Meat and Pastry Combo Platter - Offering clients the best of both worlds. This platter consists of curry beef rissoles, butternut and feta phyllo, the spinach and mushroom mini quiches, some boerewors bites, wood smoked bacon sausages and chicken panko crumbed bites.

Juicy Meat Platter - More for the late afternoon and evening events, this platter has various meats on it. From Lamb croquettes, beef chipotle, chicken goujons, BBQ chicken wings and drumettes, pork riblets as well as beef, onion and green pepper kebabs.

Complimenting these platters and are suitable for any time of the day are vegetable platters. With fresh veggies including carrot sticks and celery, this can be served on the side and in a smaller quantity to the platters.

These are just some platters on offer at the Farmhouse Company. Should you require something else or want to know more information, be sure to contact the team. They are more than willing to assist you put together the perfect platter to meet your eventing needs.

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