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If only unique event catering, snack platters, gift hampers or flowers will do for you, The Farmhouse Co will fit the bill perfectly!

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After over ten years of providing loyal customers with the best biltong in Pretoria, refining the art of producing snack platters that are of the one-in-a-million kind and adding completely different way for customers to create gift hampers and flowers online, there are few caterers in Pretoria who can beat the incredible variety offered by The Farmhouse Co team!

The fact that this team has also remained on trend with the fast pace of life and the continuous growth of technology by making all their specialities available online, is simply an extension of the commitment and dedication to excellence that The Farmhouse Co is well known and loved for by loyal customers who know exactly who to call when they need a helping hand to colour the lives of others with a gift, snacks, hampers or flowers!

Every little thing that is done by the team at The Farmhouse Co carries the same commitment to personalised service in offering a unique variety of services that make the lives of their customers so much easier, to the extent that they are also able to rely on many years’ worth of invaluable experience to take all the hassle of organising events in Pretoria, lifting the burden right off the shoulders of customers who know they can rely on this team to deliver exactly what is expected….and more!

It pretty much stands to reason that living in a world that centres around food and catering, the addition off out-of-this-world snack platters, along with everything else The Farmhouse Co has added to their growing list of offerings, definitely measures up to the same high standard that has brought them exceptional growth and success throughout their years in the catering industry.

In addition to this, there is absolutely no one who can beat The Farmhouse Co where it comes to offering the best biltong in Pretoria, made in the traditional way that brought much joy to their loyal customers when they first started out as the Biltong Den in 2006!

It was through the growing demands of long term customers that the Biltong Den became The Farmhouse Co in 2012, giving their customers everything they had asked for throughout the years and adding variety to their services in order to continue their proud tradition of passionate, personalised service!

Consistency in everything this team does is yet another essential ingredient to their success, whether it is in the varied and interesting choices given to customers to create gift hampers that are unique, one-of-a-kind gifts no one will easily forget for its personalised stamp, to the mouth-watering platters dreamed up by this team to suit all occasions!

There is also nothing boring or tacky about the way that The Farmhouse Co has put together their simple system for ordering flowers online that reflect the individual choices of each customer, choices which include bunches of flowers, bouquets, flower baskets or any other type of flower arrangement the team can assist in putting together!

Nothing is too much trouble for the friendly, passionate team at The Farmhouse Co; they are just a mouse click or two away, and should you have any other requests, they will be more than happy to find a way to make you part of The Farmhouse Co family!

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