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Introducing the easiest way to plan unique gift hampers & creative snack platters online!

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Most of us have received a gift hamper at one time or another, whether from a well-intentioned friend or member of the family, or from a company using it as a form of promotional advertising, and the one thing they all have in common is that they are generally singularly unimpressive and boring, to say the least, no matter how well-intentioned!

Why waste your time running around from one retail outlet to another in an effort to find the hamper to beat all hampers when you can pick and choose the contents of your gift hamper online from The Farmhouse Co!

As a well-loved, experienced team that have been around since 2006, catering to a variety of needs from the best biltong in Pretoria to beautiful flowers and up-market snack platters that are jaw-dropping in their inventiveness, The Farmhouse Co has it all stitched up in one great package!

Who else is going to prepare everything fresh, no matter what you order, and package everything as tastefully as The Farmhouse Co does?  Where it comes to putting together the perfect flower arrangement, bouquet or bunch of flowers in the colours you know the recipient will love, it couldn't get easier than making your selection of flowers online with the enthusiastic assistance of this friendly team!

But back to the stunning array of goodies that will put your imagination to the test when putting a unique gift hamper together online; the variety of products to choose from cover everything from dried meat such as biltong and droewors, to nuts, sweets and dried fruit; and that's just for starters!

Go wild and add delicious fresh deli products such as spices, preserves, super sauces, relishes and more to add that extra special touch of individuality!  Throw in a non-alcoholic beverage, a delightful sparkling or rich red wine and any other favourite liqueur to will round off the perfect gift hamper for any connoisseur of the finer things in life!

The Farmhouse Co gift hampers are presented in a variety of lovely wooden boxes, which is also a refreshing change from the average pyramid, cellophane-wrapped variety; The Farmhouse Co can literally make anything happen; as they say, rightfully so, the sky is the limit with their gift hampers and that is not an exaggeration!

It’s not just the flowers and gift hampers that make The Farmhouse Co truly outstanding, their creative snack platters are truly out-of-this-world delicious! These snack platters give a whole new meaning to 'snacks', and being able to select the perfect snack platter online to suit any and every occasion is absolutely hassle-free.

Meaty platters, sweet platters, executive snack platters, fruit platters, early-morning platters or fun party snack platters, you name it, The Farmhouse Co does it with single-minded style!  Just scrolling through the images of the snack platters on their website will make your mouth water, and, as with everything else The Farmhouse Co does, every ingredient is fresh!  This goes way beyond the usual boiled eggs, Vienna’s and meatballs on a stick, without a doubt!

Become part of The Farmhouse Co family and enjoy the convenience of ordering all these goodies online; once you have a taste of all they have to offer, you will definitely be back for more!

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