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Looking for upmarket, classy & imaginative snack platters in Pretoria easy to order online?

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If you are tired of ordering the same old snack platters your guests are well used to by now, especially if you hold regular business seminars, conferences or cocktail events, then the passionate team of creatives at The Farmhouse Co will introduce you to upmarket snack platters put together to satisfy even the most jaded client or guest!

Blow your guests away with an array of savoury or meaty platters that will satisfy every palate and then raise the level of surprise by bringing in the final touch, platters of sweet treats to round off what could almost be considered a five star meal – without the knives and forks!

A morning business seminar, conference or board meeting will start off really well when snacks from The Farmhouse Co are wheeled in – snack platters that have been created to breathe new life into any morning!

The Early Morning Snack Platter put together by the team at the Farmhouse Co includes a mix of delicious croissants filled with smoked salmon, trout and mozzarella cheese and egg, English scones overflowing with strawberry jam and cheese, along with toasted ham and cheese sandwiches, rounded off with fresh fruit kebabs!

There is no doubt that you will definitely have a far more amiable group of people sitting in on your morning meetings and conferences – add a Fresh Fruit Platter to satisfy guests who may be a little more health or weight conscious and you can feel completely confident that you have started the day on the right note for your guests – it can only get better from there!

Snack platters are ideal for a complete variety of get-togethers and The Farmhouse Co has made it so easy to find the perfect platter to suit any occasion online – no need to leave your home or office, and although you do have the option of collecting the snack platters in Pretoria from The Farmhouse Co, they will be just as happy to deliver them in style right to your doorstep!

Aside from the breakfast snack platters mentioned above, The Farmhouse Co team has created snack platters that range from platters filled with the best biltong in Pretoria, to the most decadently sweet platters you could ever imagine – and even more in-between!

Since 2006, The Farmhouse Co has grown into a force to be reckoned with, not only in terms of their stunning snack platters, but also with gift hampers and flowers that are unrivalled by anyone else in the industry!

The greatest secret to the success of The Farmhouse Co team is their total commitment to going the extra mile for every customer, which has resulted in a growing family of loyal customers who trust The Farmhouse Co implicitly to provide nothing less than a completely personalised service across the full range of unique services offered by this team online!

Bear in mind that since food is the speciality of this extraordinary team, the experience and knowledge gained over the years by The Farmhouse Co means that they are versatile enough to do everything from doing the catering for any event, to making sure you have enough tables and chairs, along with the best DJ to make it an event to remember!

Select your choice of goodies online or contact the team at The Farmhouse Co for assistance in planning your event, their personalised service will put them at the top of your list of contacts for special occasions!

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