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Need stunning snack platters, gift hampers or flowers but running out of time – do it all online!

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It happens, life moves faster than we can most of the time, which has made time a luxury, especially in a fast-paced mobile world that makes one feel like a multi-tasking octopus with a few tentacles missing! 

Your emails are coming in fast and furious, the stacks of folders grow by the minute, and the phone doesn't let you catch a breath – and that's just a fraction of a busy day!  Add to this crazy mix that you have forgotten a birthday, have run out of time to organise those snacks for the conference, meeting or seminar and still need to find a 'thank you' gift for an important client!

The good news is that you can always rely on the team of creative, passionate wizards at The Farmhouse Co to take all the hassle out of organising truly unique snack platters and gift hampers that are simply exceptional, for any occasion – they will even help you to organise a beautiful bouquet of flowers – online!

It couldn’t be simpler!  The Farmhouse Co has very cleverly given clients a really different list of munchies, drinks and flowers that can be selected online to fill a gift hamper with everything you know will be appreciated!  These hampers (minus tacky old cellophane!) are beautifully put together in a wooden box or a basket, but you could also use your personal style of packaging to finish it off with!

As for The Farmhouse Co snack platters, well, they beat all other snack platters hands-down; these are the Rolls Royce of snack platters!  Sublime? Mouth-watering? Even these superlatives don't begin to cover the upmarket level of these imaginative, beautifully constructed snack platters filled with fresh ingredients – the images on The Farmhouse Co website really do say it all!

A very important secret to the success achieved by The Farmhouse Co since it started out as the most loved spot for the best biltong in Pretoria in 2006, is that they have added to that success by continually striving for nothing less than the best in all they do, which includes amazing customer service, and then putting it all within easy reach online!

 The next time you get too caught up in the chaos of a busy day, leave that other 'stuff' in the very capable hands of The Farmhouse Co, take a deep breath and know it's all sorted – and that whatever you have ordered, from platters to flowers, will taste divine and look beautiful!


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