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Order up a really special type of gift hamper & tie it all up with a beautiful bunch of flowers, right from your desk.

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We all know that there are just not enough hours in the day to get to everything done that the demanding 21st century pace expects of us, the faster technology grows, the faster life becomes, until the simplest of errands outside of a busy schedule get put off long enough for us to end up in a spot of trouble for forgetting a special birthday or celebration!

Added to this, if you are wearing too many hats in your business, as many of us do, you may find that you have been remiss in getting a unique and special ‘thank you’ corporate hamper out to your favourite customers, a gesture that is seldom forgotten by the recipient, who is also probably juggling a schedule as busy as yours!

The perfect answer to this is to make sure that you have done a bit of homework by sweet-talking a client’s secretary into finding out which goodies would hit the sweet spot perfectly with each client you plan to treat!

The Farmhouse Co has made the entire process of putting the ultimate corporate hamper together a cinch, without breaking a sweat or even having to leave your desk – all it takes is to use the inside information gathered on the quiet, add the goodies you know will be appreciated, and order up an unforgettable gift hamper online.

Of course, this also means that you are able to put together a gift hamper for every occasion, whether it’s to celebrate the birth of a new baby, the start of a new venture, the achievement of a special goal, or any of a myriad of reasons that call for an extra-special gift hamper, especially one that cannot be found anywhere other than at The Farmhouse Co.

These are as far from your average, everyday gift hampers as the North Pole is from the South, The Farmhouse Co team has put a lot of thought into the selection of deli delights, the best biltong in Pretoria, a lovely bottle of red wine or another favourite drink, along with fruit, nuts, preserves and so much more that can be chosen to make up a gift hamper with a distinctive difference!

The Farmhouse Co gift hampers are unlike any gift hamper you have ever seen or given, they are presented in a choice of wooden box or basket, done up exactly as you would like it to be, or, if you’re in a creative frame of mind, select the contents and package them yourself – if you are giving a gift hamper to a client, adding your logo or company colours will turn any gift hamper into a great corporate gift with a difference.

Planning a year-end function, seminar or cocktail party?  If you think that The Farmhouse Co hasn’t already thought about snack platters, you would be dead wrong!  The Farmhouse Co executive snack platters are a delicious class act, stunning and creative to look at, and unforgettable to the taste buds – only the freshest ingredients will do for anything this team puts together!

Talking about year-end functions and any of the hundreds of reasons we can find to celebrate with a party or event, having been around since 2006, The Farmhouse Co team are old hands at taking all the hassle out of organising any function, and adding their very special flavour of catering into the mix for a finger-licking fun experience that will not easily be forgotten by your guests.

Contact the friendly team at The Farmhouse Co and let them share the passion they have for extraordinary service, or visit their website to order your gift hampers, fresh flowers, out-of-this-world snack platters and the best biltong in Pretoria online -  serious convenience for anyone caught up in a busy world that barely allows for time to breathe!

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