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Order your festive season snack platters online for hassle-free catering.

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It’s that time of the year when family and friends make your home the favourite place to gather, sharing fun, love and laughter.  You’re going to need snacks that’ll keep the wolf from the door in-between meal times, so that you can cook up a storm in peace to feed the horde fabulous food.

There’ll also be the big days of celebration that call for a lot of preparation time, but if you’ve decided that you’d rather sit back and enjoy the festivities, add the best catering in Pretoria to the list you keep, to make the festive season easier on yourself!

This means that you’ll want the best, which is exactly what you can expect when you add the number for The Farmhouse Co.  This is a passionate team that pulls out all the stops when it comes to catering and a smorgasbord of divinely different snack platters.

The Farmhouse Co team will even make ordering flowers online easy, so that your table will look fresh for festive lunches and dinners. As if this isn’t enough, the Farmhouse Co rounds everything off by making it easy for you to order unique gift hampers online.

Just a reminder that ordering snack platters online for any function or event is something that isn’t limited to the festive season. 

No function, wedding, birthday party or any other reason to celebrate, is complete without presenting your guests with these upmarket snack platters.

But let’s get back to the mouth-watering snack platters that come out of the kitchen from this team.  Know right from the outset that every ingredient that goes into food lovingly produced in this kitchen is the freshest!

Here’s a cross-section of platters you can group together to make sure every guest’s palate will be completely satisfied:

Pastry Platters:

Keep your meat-eating guests happy with the Salty Pastry Platter, which consists, among other snacks, pepper steak mini pies, mini bobotie quiches, chicken spring rolls and curried potato samosas.

On the other end of the scale, your vegetarian friends will adore you for not leaving them out, with the offering of the Vegetarian Pastry Platter!

They’ll thoroughly enjoy the veggie spring rolls, basil and tomato pesto puff spirals (yum!) spinach and mushroom mini quiches, and a whole lot more.

Meaty Platters:

You simply have to explore the yumminess of the Juicy Meat Platter, Meat & Pastry Combo Platter, and Standard Meat Platter or, The Farmhouse Co Biltong Platter – bet no one else has been able to put a biltong platter together like this team can!

Sweet & Fruity Platters:

You can’t just have the salty, meaty and veggie stuff without some sweetness and a nod to healthy fruit!  To make sure you can balance the snacks you serve, The Farmhouse Co has put together a few awesome fruit platters and decadent (really!) sweet platters.

Kiddies Platters:

Aside from the very interesting variety of platters on the menu, imagine what The Farmhouse Co is able to do in pulling the perfect Kid’s Platter together.

Kids are picky at the best of times, but during festive meal times they tend to become even more so, with all the excitement around them, which makes these kiddies snack platters the best way to make sure they do actually eat.

Talking about kids, The Farmhouse Co will do all the catering for kiddies’ parties in Pretoria, to match any theme chosen.  You can also add entertainment in the form of jumping castles, clowns, balloons and a mobile zoo to the mix, to keep the kids occupied while the grownups kuier.

That said, make this festive season a breeze by ordering your snacks online or putting your catering needs into the very capable hands of the family at The Farmhouse Co.

Getting hold of all this awesomeness is just a mouse click or call away, so go ahead and do it so that you can also join in the fun! 

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