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Place your orders online for exceptional upmarket snack platters in Pretoria!

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The Farmhouse Co has made it easy for anyone with a busy schedule to select and order upmarket snack platters online.

The choice of snack platters on offer from The Farmhouse Co is an expression of artistic flair combined with delectably fresh ingredients, fit to grace any occasion.

Snack platters for every occasion:

Corporate functions, breakfast, lunch or evening seminars and meetings have all been taken into account resulting in a mouth-watering list of snack platters.

If you really want to impress guests with your attention to detail, not only in the professionalism your company displays, but in the way that something as simple as snack platters are presented, then this is the place for you!

Snack platters and catering in Pretoria, created by the hands of the team at The Farmhouse Co, have become legendary among long-term customers who rely on serving up the best at functions.

No cocktail party is complete without classy, upmarket snack platters that raise the standard in snacks to new heights.

Catering for all occasions in Pretoria:

Whether you call on The Farmhouse Co for snack platters or catering, you can rely on serving your guests the best in fresh food.

The snack platters on offer from The Farmhouse Co were born out of the stunning catering that’s made this team a firm favourite among customers.

When food is prepared with such passion and flair, it more than meets the standard of all the work you may have put into décor, guest lists, lighting and more for your event.

Weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties and other special occasions, including kiddie’s parties, all have a place on the menu from The Farmhouse Co.

When you share your vision of the catering you’d like at your event or function, The Farmhouse Co will bend over backwards to meet your expectations, and exceed them by far!

The Farmhouse Co does far more than snack platters and catering in Pretoria:

Events and functions

Call The Farmhouse Co when you need assistance that goes beyond outstanding catering! 

With all the connections this team has made in the catering industry since moving from offering the best biltong in Pretoria since 2006, to becoming a full-service catering company in 2012, they’ll source everything you need to make your function a success.

This full service includes everything from general décor to experienced DJ’s and photographers. When The Farmhouse Co caters for your function, there’ll never be too many cooks in the kitchen to spoil the end product. One source for it all, one standard for it all!

Add flowers into the mix:

It’s simple to order flowers online from The Farmhouse Co, but remember that no event or function is complete without beautiful bunches, bouquets or arrangements of flowers!

When you do order flowers online in Pretoria, you can be absolutely certain that they’ll reflect the same artistic flair as anything else The Farmhouse Co produces.

Last, but not least:

Corporate gift hampers have been boring and much the same for a long time now, but The Farmhouse Co has made ordering unforgettable gift hampers online for clients, family and friends a pleasure.

The variety of goodies to pack into any gift hamper is interesting and very different from the same old hampers people are used to accepting. No one will forget your gift hamper and the personalised statement it makes.

Everything you order with The Farmhouse Co will make your function, event or gift-giving stand out from the rest!

Have a look at what’s on the menu at The Farmhouse Co and get your orders in today, or plan your next party with this imaginative, friendly team!

Oh yes, remember that The Farmhouse Co really knows how to rock kiddies parties to match a rainbow of dreams for little ones!

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