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The Beauty and Convenience of Gift Baskets

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Gift baskets are so much fun to put together and send to family and friends ans you can include almost anything in them. In the recent years, they have slowly increased in popularity as it’s so simple to put together and you can make it unique to every recipient. Some companies offer pre-made hampers and baskets whereas others allow you to choose from a list of items.

The biggest reason for them becoming so popular is it gives the recipient various items which they can enjoy as they unwrap their hampers. If you know the recipient doesn't like particular items like nuts or dried fruits or are allergic to them, you've got the option of not including it into the hamper. This way you know every item included in the hamper will be fully enjoyed.

As the gift baskets and hampers can be used for many occasions, here are some other occasions to consider a gift basket for:

  • Birthdays
  • Themed Events
  • Anniversaries
  • Get Well Soon Gifts
  • Welcome Home Gifts
  • Work Anniversaries
  • The birth of a baby
  • Special holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas

The Team at The Farmhouse Company Have Gift Hampers For Any Occasion

With consumers constantly on the move, there isn't enough time to put together a gift for an occasion. Consumers are looking for a convenient way to get a gift basket sent to their loved ones or a friend without having the hassle of having to go into a shop. This is where the Farmhouse Company come in, with their online ordering system and the flexibility to choose what you want in your gift basket, you've the option of choosing from the following:

  • Biltong products
  • Salted cashew or mixed nuts
  • Chocolates
  • Sweets
  • Nougat
  • Dried Fruits

They also have various deli products which you can include to give your hamper a special touch. These include sauces, relishes, condiments, preserves, and jams to name a few. This will ensure you’re able to select various products. There isn’t a limit when it comes to using gift hampers as you've the freedom to include whatever you want into the basket.

Of course when it comes to special holiday hampers or special requests, you can contact the team at the Farmhouse Company to put together a custom hamper for your recipient. You could for example, request for the team to put together a hamper of all your significant others favourite snacks or even create a unique hamper for your boss’s work anniversary or even an addition like grape juice or a bottle of champagne.

This is just one of the services on offer through The Farmhouse Company. Be sure to contact them today to discuss your hamper requirements. With over a decade of experience, they’ll put together a hamper which is bound to meet your requirements.

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