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The Farmhouse Co brings you the tastiest range of biltong, snack platters and gift hampers under one roof!

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Having built up an enormous following among loyal customers for having the best biltong in Pretoria, The Farmhouse Co took their experience and abilities a few giant leaps forward by introducing a service that takes all the hassle out of organising events from birthday parties and cocktail parties to product launches and year end functions for many corporate companies.

The Farmhouse Co has been in the business of catering and everything to do with food since 2006, and based on the many years of experience they have had, this team will manage everything from catering to tables and chairs as well as DJ’s and photographers in order to offer a full service aimed at managing functions and catering wrapped up in one very professional team.

Although The Farmhouse Co started out as the supplier of legendary biltong and deli products in Pretoria aimed at the South African rugby loving nation, the addition of fantastic snack platters, gift hampers and an extensive range of delicious deli products has made The Farmhouse Co a popular streamlined service hard to beat.

The Farmhouse Co team have put a major amount of effort and imagination into producing exceptional snack platters that suit every taste, from meaty to sweet and everything in between, designed to instil confidence in you every time you collect a snack platter lovingly put together by the team at The Farmhouse Co, knowing that your guests will not leave a single crumb!

Putting together a really special gift hamper from The Farmhouse Co may be a bit of challenge once you see the range of fabulous deli products to choose from, covering everything from dried meat and nuts to fruits, sweets and heavenly home-made deli sauces.  In order to add the cherry on top of your selected gift hamper, you can add a choice of liquors and liqueur from The Farmhouse Co range just waiting for you to complete a really unique gift hamper.

Contact the passionate and talented team at The Farmhouse Co to provide you with the best catering service in Pretoria which offers an impressive range of deli goodies that cannot be beaten!

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