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The Farmhouse Co offers a fully rounded service for functions & catering in Pretoria……and a whole lot more!

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The Farmhouse Co may well have started out in 2006 by offering many very satisfied customers with the best biltong products in Pretoria, which naturally went well with the rugby paraphernalia this team supplied at the time, but, at the urging of loyal customers who wanted more, what was the Biltong Den became a deli, offering culinary delights in all its forms, conveniently available online.

Taking into account that The Farmhouse Co has been around the block more than just a few times over the years, it would make sense that this team would garner all the experience necessary to take everything a step further, and move into giving customers fantastic support with any and all functions and catering in Pretoria!

As with everything else that makes The Farmhouse Co a very firm favourite among its happy customers, this highly experienced team is able to pull together virtually all aspects required to organise functions and events, just to make life that much easier for anyone planning a function.

The whole concept behind everything The Farmhouse Co is able to produce in terms of organising any event, whether it’s a birthday party, anniversary or engagement celebration, year-end function or cocktail party – and everything in-between, including product launches, is to take all the hassle off your shoulders, leaving you free to see to the other hundred things you need to do – like sorting out guest lists!

The Farmhouse Co team take catering in Pretoria to a whole new level, taking a creative and imaginative approach to bringing the freshest ingredients together to raise the bar on the standard of catering for your function so high that your guests will have an unforgettable feast.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there, full service means just that when The Farmhouse Co organises your event or function, theirs is a service that includes everything else necessary for a great function, from tables to chairs with a touch of general décor at the venue thrown in for good measure!

If you are struggling to find the right DJ or photographer for your event, The Farmhouse Co have that in the bag for you too, and you can be absolutely certain that everything this team does is done with a friendly attitude that makes pulling an entire event together an absolute pleasure!

If you really want to mix things up at your cocktail party, The Farmhouse Co takes top honours where it comes to making any average snack platter look pales, tired and wilted (and a little embarrassed!) alongside the decadently creative executive snack platters dreamed up by this passionate team!

Select your snack platter from the yummy range of ingredients online, whether it’s for a breakfast, lunch or evening function that calls for style with a capital S – meaty, sweet, salty and fruity, a taste sensation awaits your guests with the snack platters The Farmhouse Co will deliver to your premises - or you can arrange for collection, if that suits you.

Add a centrepiece of colour with a lovely bouquet, bunch or arrangement of flowers beautifully put together by The Farmhouse Co; take your pick of favourite flowers and colours on The Farmhouse Co website to complete the picture you want to present!

You simply HAVE to visit The Farmhouse Co website to view the rest of the jewels available for all occasions, you will enjoy what this experienced team has done to move completely out of the box and into the extraordinary!

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