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The History of Biltong and Why It’s Becoming So Popular

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From super markets, petrol stations, butchers, some restaurants and even the airport, biltong and its many forms can be found throughout South Africa. Known as being one of South Africa’s most popular snacks you can find biltong wherever you go. There are so many reasons to love biltong, from the way in which its prepared and preserved, to the various spices and herbs used and the fact it's a grab and go type of snack.

The popularity of biltong has offered many butchers, biltong shops and catering and gifting companies a unique opportunity with the rise in the creation of hampers and even platters. Here’s a brief history of biltong and why it’s becoming so popular to create hampers and platters:

Its Part of The South African Heritage

Everyone loves it! South Africans have been preserving their meat for centuries. Many years ago, before fridges or freezers were invented, the hunters would coat their meat with salt before they hung it in the trees to dry. When the settlers from Europe adopted this technique in the 17th century, they took it one step further and added vinegar and saltpetre to their curing process. This was done as a means of killing any bacteria which might have still been on the meat.

When the Dutch farmers packed up their possessions and fled their farms in the cape, they needed a way in which they could sustain themselves with non perishable foods. Having cured meat was almost the ideal solution. Since then, although the technique is the same, South Africans have developed their own ways of making biltong with various flavours.

A Bite-Sized Offering

There are so many types of biltong to choose from, traditional biltong, thin and thick droëwors, biltong sticks, chilli sticks, biltong frisbees, Cabanossi as well as Kudu biltong and game droëwors. When ordering a biltong hamper or platter, you can offer your guests bite sized pieces included in it.

There Are Health Benefits To Eating Biltong

Who would have thought that? Through the process of drying the meat as opposed to cooking the meat, most of the nutrients and minerals are maintained instead of being cooked away. It’s also considered the healthier alternative to getting yourself a bag of crisps and some dip.

Biltong Pairs Well With Another South African Snack   

Complimenting your biltong platter, you can consider getting another loved snack, peanuts and nuts. Also, packed with so many healthy nutrients and rich in protein, it's the perfect addition to your biltong platter. South Africans are known to choose this with their biltong when watching a game of rugby.

These are just some reasons why biltong platters and hampers are becoming so popular. As its loved by majority of the South African population, to people visiting the country for the first time are in for a real treat as they try biltong for the first time.

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