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Treat your guests to finger-licking upmarket snack platters

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No doubt you’ve been to more than a few gatherings that called for snack platters, which means that you’re familiar with the usual fare. This would consist of soggy sandwiches, tired mini sausage rolls or cheese mixed with a few other ingredients and stuck onto a toothpick.

Everyone eats them of course, since that’s generally the only option, besides which, we have been programmed to believe that these singularly boring examples of snack platters are all we’ll ever get.

We are definitely ready for the world of snacks to be turned on its head, ushering in a new generation of snack platters that put all others to shame.

The Farmhouse Co is at the forefront of this push for beyond average snack platters, shored up by their reputation for offering the best catering in Pretoria and Centurion since 2012.

With all of this experience under the belt, it made perfect sense for this team to move into creating upmarket snack platters that would make the right impression at any function.

The Farmhouse Co is made up of a team that are passionate about food, who prove this in all they do by going the extra mile to produce food that is personalised according to the individuality of each client.

Essential to this creative team is that they provide nothing but products that are farm fresh, pulling together catering and snack platters that are beyond ordinarily delicious!

A corporate function or meeting is generally about creating a good impression of the company, which would be better served by presenting stunning catering and snack platters that’ll have guests fighting over the last crumbs.

Many customers that approach The Farmhouse Co for the first time do so on recommendation of long term clients who swear by the quality of everything produced by The Farmhouse Co, and they are never disappointed!

The commitment of this team to service excellence is carried through to hassle-free ordering of snack platters online, along with their extraordinarily different gift hampers and flowers.

For those who are living at a hectic pace, being able to select the goodies that go into gift hampers that are truly thoughtful, or choosing the right platters to suit the occasion, becomes a simple matter of ticking the right boxes online, and then selecting whether your order is to be delivered or collected.

If you’re having an early to mid-morning meeting or get together, the Early Morning Platter, Mini Croissant Platter, Fresh Fruit Platter or High Tea Platter might be right up your alley.

Naturally there are also great meaty platters that’ll satisfy the hungriest of guests. These include the Juicy Meat Platter, Meat & Pastry Combo, Standard Meat Platter (anything but standard naturally!), and of course, The Farmhouse Co Biltong Platter.

The Farmhouse Co has also made sure that your vegetarian guests will be thoroughly impressed when you present them with a delicious Vegetarian Pastry Platter!

With 15 different platters available from this talented team of foodies, you may find choices a bit of a challenge, in which case The Farmhouse Co team will pull out all the stops to guide you in the right direction for the perfect function.

If you want something a little different, let the team know and you’ll find out exactly what it means to deal with a company that really does go the extra mile to make sure that every client has everything they’d like.

Why go anywhere else for snack platters, gift hampers or flowers when The Farmhouse Co has placed it all at your fingertips, to make entertaining, catering and gift giving so simple?



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