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What Services Can You Expect From The Farm House Company

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With consumers living extremely fast paced lives, there often isn’t time to go into a shopping mall and browse around for a gift or items to fill a gift box. Thanks to the many technological advancements in the way in which some services are conducted, online shopping has brought a whole new shopping experience to life.

For all the people that are too busy, this is the perfect solution for you. By having a company on hand that specialises in many spheres, this will assist you in sorting out your gifting needs in no time.

A company that has gotten this right is the Farmhouse Company. Here are some great services you can expect to receive from them:

Gift Hampers and Flower Arrangements

The Farmhouse Company have made it so convenient for their customers to select their gift hampers. Having the ability to choose exactly what should go into your gift hampers will ensure you can put together a hamper you know the recipient will like. These hampers can include anything from dried meats, nuts, fruits and sweets as well as sauces.

They have also spent a large amount of time sourcing some of the finest flowers to make up arrangements. Should you wish to purchase flowers, you have the option of choosing the colour, adding a greeting card and the type of flowers you’d like. They can be delivered in a vase, bunch or basket.

Snack Platters and Biltong

Mixing the old with the new. The Farmhouse Company first became well known for the biltong they sold. Made traditionally, they are experienced in making traditional biltong, thin and thick droëwors, chilli sticks, frisbees, cabanossi and kudu biltong to name a few. These meats are also cut to meet your requirements.

As the Farmhouse Company are looking to expand their product offering, they have added the well received snack platters. With various platters to choose from, like cheese boards, sweet platters, breakfast platters, meat and pastry combo platters, biltong platters and a salty pastry platter. You’ll be sure to choose one or two platters to meet all your guests food requirements.

Functions and Catering

Planning functions and events can be a stressful responsibility to have. By getting the assistance of experts within the industry like the Farmhouse Company, you’ll focus on specific elements of the event and they can take care of the rest.  

With many years of experience in organising events, you can rely on them to assist or even run with the organising of your birthday party, cocktail party, year end function, product launches or even get together. If your event doesn't fit into the mentioned event categories, be sure to contact the team at The Farmhouse Company.

With over a decade worth experience in the hospitality and entertainment industry, the team at Farmhouse Company are fully equipped to discuss your needs and make your gifting and socialising dreams a reality with in a matter of clicks. Contact them today to discuss your requirements and commence your planning.

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